Infant Massage

Infant Massage

While we all like a massage, ….well, most of us do most of the time, and so do babies. But I have heard Mum’s say, “I have tried that and my baby doesn’t like it.”

Remembering touch, and the personal touch of massage is a very intimate thing, and so it is for a baby too.  Even between your own baby and yourself. 

As you learn to massage your baby you will be learning to read your baby’s physical cues.  And learning to respecting what your baby is telling you with their body language is the key to building trust and growing nurturing bonds with your baby.  This level of respectful communication between yourself and your baby helps facilitate deep and lasting understandings between mother, father and baby, which go far beyond the tactile reassurance of loving touch.

And because infant massage is about building these bonds, it is never for someone else to massage your baby.  This is what I will teach you to do.

Loving touch in infant massage can nurture the soul life of mother and baby and build bonds that last well into childhood and adolescence.  And it’s a great thing for Dad’s to do too.